It Weakened My Body...: Fight Like A Girl: Life Savers: Real Men Wear Pink:
The Cancer Shirts Project is my experience with breast cancer told through a line of t-shirt designs.  Diagnosed in 2001, my life was suddenly changed.  While in treatment and recovery you go through many physical and emotional experiences.  I kept a journal during this time.  Most of these shirts have a short story behind them.  I have been designing and printing t-shirts for over 30 years so this was a natural way for me to express myself.

I had a great support system from everyone, yet there were still times that I was scared and felt very alone.  It has amazed me how many people have said to me “you felt that way too,  I thought it was just me.”

So by sharing this, I hope others will realize that they are not alone.  We all have fears.  We all hesitate to ask for help.  We all hide our sadness and concerns because we do not want to burden our families.

I have laughed a lot, cried some, been angry at my body, scared of the treatments and worried about the future.  Through it all I have came out a stronger person.  One that appreciates life, friendships and time more than I ever did.  My motto has been… “Smile on the bad days and the good ones will be great.”